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May 23, 04 12:46 PM
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May 17, 04 2:10 PM
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"Welcome, heroes!  I'm glad to see you've all received your invitations and have made it to our gathering here in City Hall.  As you all know, Paragon City is under constant assault from gangs, robots, zombies, and even alien invaders.  Ms. Liberty has authorized me to form an elite group of Superheroes dedicated to a rapid-strike procedure against these dangerous influences.“

"To that end, I have gathered some of my most trusted allies, and together we have formed Storm Legion.  We wish to maintain a high-profile in Paragon City in the hopes that our mere presence will be enough to keep crime at bay.  But some elements are not swayed by such displays and force will become necessary.“

"This is where you all come in.  You're all from varied backgrounds, with incredibly diverse talents... yet we've all come to desire the same, singular goal; freedom for the citizens of Paragon City.  I've looked into your varied backgrounds and, despite a few minor incidents, you've all checked out clean.  Accordingly, I have submitted you for security clearances, but I remind you that we ultimately answer to Ms. Liberty and only she can give you full access to higher status.“

"While I handle the details of getting a base for Storm Legion, I'd like you all to feel free to get to know each other, learn each other's tactics, and start becoming a team.“

"For the newer members, I am SAPPHIRE and will be acting as leader.  The Captains in the group include PROTON, DOPPLERSHIFT, STAR KNIGHT, MAJOR FREEDOM, and DRACULA."

"And above all, remember our credo;"

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State of the Super Group

, Jun 1, 04 1:20 PM.
Greetings Legionnaires! I want to try to get into the habit of posting updates each month, keeping everyone informed as to the current state of our supergroup, as I see it. Hopefully this will keep everyone on track and able to see the same goals as each other. OVERVIEW: First of all, I wanna thank you all for joining Storm Legion. In only a month's time, we've become a decent-sized group and every single member has shown that they have skills with this game. I've grouped with just about everyone (there's a few I'm missing, but I hope to correct that soon), and we have a very solid membership. Dracula did a great job recruitting. We now have 30 active players and almost 50 characters in the supergroup. I see between 8 and 12 every evening, and that's great because it gives us a regular stable of friends to group with. Our eventual goal is a membership of about 50 players... which means we still have room for 20 more. If you have friends or family, please send them my way. Or if you just happen to group with a good player, let them know we're still open to membership. Our current average level is in the mid teens (11ish - 16ish). For only a month of play, it's great that we're already up to doing Task Force missions and leaving the newbie zones behind. Additionally, with a number of alts about, I never have troubles finding people that wanna group up. Alts are always welcome into Storm Legion... at least, as long as we have space. Recently, Storm Legion has also taken on several Task Force Missions. These are long and difficult at times, but it's great to hear people are organizing for Task Force events. The rewards are far beyond the dual-origin Enhancements you may get. MY GOALS; As the leader of Storm Legion, I have several goals that I'm working on to better this organiziation. Of course, I'm always open to suggestions and the needs of the Supergroup are paramount to me... so if you have thoughts on the supergroup, please drop me a line. Travel Powers - My first goal is to help people get to level 14 and thier travel power. Once you get your first rapid-travel ability, the game really opens up for you. I've lead groups all about Boomtown to help get experience for teams and I hope it's made a difference. I love being in Storm Legion groups that can out-travel me and my slow flight. Members - I continue to work the recruitting machine until we get about 20 more members. I don't want to over-fill our ranks, so I'm not standing near Ms .Liberty and passing our fliers or anything... but I believe a size of 50 is optimal and I continue to work towards that goal. Bases - Ultimately, my goal for Storm Legion is a shiny new base. I have no idea when the Devs are putting bases into the game, but once they're in, I wanna buy us the biggest and best! Once we have our own “halls of justice“, we'll have a place to hang our capes and feel at home. OTHER DETAILS; Dracula recently stepped down as our recruitter. This was very disappointing news to me because I thought he was doing an awesome job... and the job is far from done. I'm taking up the slack as far as I can, but it's a big duty for one person and I fear some good people have fallen through the cracks. I think that's everything for now. Make sure you get your parking validated, and keep those dirty costumes coming to the dry cleaners... we've had a few complaints. Oh, and there's an open kegger at Proton's place this weekend, so keep your schedule open for that. And Supergrape, watch your head clearance... you keep knocking ceiling tiles down! Thanks all, and keep those streets crime-free! Carry on...

New Screen Shots

Deleted User, May 23, 04 12:46 PM.
Many new member heroes are highlighted in our Super Shots section, and Cover Art #2 is ready for viewing, I hope you all enjoy!  Keep sending me those Screenshots!

Monthly Cover Submissions

Deleted User, May 17, 04 2:10 PM.
Hi all, new to the team, GLAD TO BE ABOARD!!!  I will be putting to together a cover that would represent Storm Legion if we were to have our own true to life comic book.  It will feature, events inspired in the game, and come out around the middle of the month every month.  The first cover is linked here in the images field so you can see an example.  E-mail screen shots to me and I will use them in our next cover.  Look forward to working with you all.

Crime Lab Up and Running!

, May 7, 04 6:39 PM.

Check out the all new Storm Legion Crime Lab!

Lots of great stuff there, all kinds of useful information about CoH

I'm be adding much more content as time allows, but this should get us started.

If you have anything you'd like to share, or would like to see in the Crime Lab, just post it to the forums or PM Star Knight.

Please Note:  You must be logged in to see the Crime Lab!

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